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  • It starts by bringing down your damaged vehicle to Meyer’s Auto Body along with your repair estimate from Manitoba Public Insurance.  We will review the claim with you and advise you of the repairs that will be taking place, if parts need to be ordered etc., and gathering your signature for the authorization to repair your vehicle.
  • The necessary parts are ordered for your vehicle prior to beginning the repair process. Where we can, we use genuine manufacturer parts for precise fit and quality. To learn more about the parts we use, please visit Note some vehicle parts may take some time to receive; you will be notified of any abnormal parts delays.
  • Disassembly:  Your car is assigned to a technician specialized in the repairs required for your vehicle. They will disassemble the vehicle and carefully review the estimate. Often additional hidden damage is found at this stage, in which case a supplemental report is written and submitted for approval to MPI. The amount of time your repairs are delayed during this step greatly depends on the promptness of MPI’s approval.
  • Approval/ Additional Parts Ordered:  We will contact you at this stage in the process. Once approval is given, and any supplemental parts needed are ordered. To better inform you of when your vehicle may be completed.
  • Body Repairs: Once approval is given, we have our green light to continue with the body portion of the repair process. Body panels are prepared, installed, primed, sanded, sealed, and protected from corrosion.
  • Refinishing: The vehicle undergoes a multi-step refinishing process using a high-quality, environmentally responsible water-based paint system.
  • Final Assembly and Inspection: Your vehicle returns to our skilled technician for final re-assembly. A final quality check is performed by the owner.
  • The repairs have been completed, and your vehicle is sent to our detailing department to return it to pre-accident cleanliness. You will be then contacted, advising you that your vehicle is ready for you to pick up. Any questions you have can be answered at that point and time ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with our quality workmanship that has built lifelong customers.